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Kosode is a top cloth with a small sleeves compare to normal kimono, that is designed to wear with Hakama, and our Kosode especially designed to be best match with the Hakama, keeping in mind the shape of people body in this modern time, we emphasis on the balance and beauty, so we created a fit clear silhouette to show a beauty with a balance functions, The balance of arms, shoulders with aesthetic designs, the hidden pockets in this Kosode be e is made to be easy accessed and blanched so it become matched with the hakama, the cut of the bottom shape of the Kosode is like a tail that has a split, this split help to make it easy to walk, and when its used with Hakama it will give a perfect match of beauty and functionality, and it has a strings so it help to have easy to wear and remove which are patented.

Ways to enjoy This Kosode can be seen in this three type of pattern styles,
1- Kosode with hakama.
2- Kosode with skinny pants.
3- kosode as a jacket .