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Shizukuya, started by making its original shape of Men Hakama, to be used in our modern time, as now in this age and time, people look for fast, performance and easy to use solutions , and by that mindset we made this HAKAMA which is based of a samurai trouser, This HAKAMA is made to be used while riding a horse, its called this style is called *Uma Nori* a unique type of hakama, this style is similar to a normal nowadays modern trouser which it give an easy split for the legs, so it become easy to be able to ride a horse, as well use the bathroom, it has a zipper in the middle which provide an easy access, as well it has buckle to help adjust and tie the hakama from behind, and thus it become easily to wear it and wont fall down as special functional of the Hakama, we received a compliment from our customers who experienced using it, even it was their first time to wear a hakama, we acquired the patent of devolving this Hakama in 2011.

the Hakama is used for fighting in war, for the samurais in the past, so compare to kimono, it is easier to move and and has more function. It very important for the HAKAMA to have a wide shape, because the men Kimono Arms area has a wide cloth shape, so to give a sense of stability look, it is a must to have a wide bottom to match, thus when you wear the Hakama, the over all look , will give a shape of mountain FUJI as well the stones that the old Japanese castles are built on, an aesthetic sense and beautiful meaning, For the Japanese the beauty lies within the nature.