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This is -Made to Order- product. So it takes 7 to 10 days for the order to be shipped after the order been made.

Four Seasons Spring Collection 2019 : 拾玖ノ零参(FSPC19-03) ≫"
89 [Body Measurements (inch): 65 - 69 / A (inch): 35]
95 [Body Measurements (inch): 69 - 73 / A (inch): 37]
99 [Body Measurements (inch): 73 - 79 / A (inch): 39]
Indigo dyed product. Frictions of fabric might cause color migration.

This item can be machine washed
Handling Instruction :

  • Fold and put it in a net (washing net bag) please buy at shizukuya, and then use it with washing machine.
  • please put it in its original shape when folding, and be carful from sun burn when drying.
  • make sure to use the correct iron level heat when ironing, its written the level on the tag.
  • do not use tumble dry